Discover Noh in Kyoto 6

 - Elegant Ghosts of Japan

2020/2/28 (Fri)

17:00-18:00 (Doors open 16:15)

Place: Myōrenji Temple (Kyoto)

3,000 yen – performance

4,000 yen – performance + walking tour

Elegant Ghosts of Japan
   - a Noh theatre experience at a winter temple in Kyoto
Noh plays portray a world where the boundaries of past, present, and future blur. In this singular environment, the ghosts of courtiers and warriors, natural elements and demons appear and share nostalgic memories of their attachments and seek for solace. In this performance spirits and ghosts of the Noh repertory will manifest themselves through chant, dance, and music. Come share this unique chance to experience Noh theater in the intimate context of a Buddhist temple.


Kawamura Haruhisa, Miyamoto Shigeki

Udaka Tatsushige, Udaka Norishige


Morita Yasuyoshi, Kichisaka Ichirō

Taniguchi Masatoshi, Inoue Keisuke


Diego Pellecchia (Kyoto Sangyo University)

Photo by Morozumi Akio

Pre -performance tour

2-hour walking tour exploring Kyoto. Starting with a visit to a hill-top shrine on Funaoka-yama, followed by a walk through the narrow streets of the Nishijin textile district to a Noh costume weaver’s studio where you will have a look at sumptuous Noh costume brocades, offering some background information about Noh and Japanese aesthetics before arriving at the venue for the performance. The tour will be conducted by a Kyoto Visitor’s Host certified guide.

City Bus stop
Funaokayama (west bound)
・14:00  Walking Tour starts


・16:15    Doors open


・ Green tea will be served


・17:00 - 18:00 Performance

Myoren-ji Temple

Please Note

*Come in a warm and comfortable attire.

*The walking tour involves walking up and down flights of steps.

Reservation / Inquiry

Send your name and contact details to the address below.



Access map

Myōrenji Temple

875 Myorenjimae-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto 602-8418

京都市上京区市上京区堀川寺之内西入ル 妙蓮寺前町 875 妙蓮寺


*Click to enlarge image 

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